Many riders ignoring 30mph speed limits

New statistics show that during 2018, 55% of riders exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads – with 12% breaking the limit by more than 10mph.

The DfT stats measure speed and compliance at sites where the road conditions are ‘free flowing’ – for example roads with no junctions, hills, sharp bends, speed enforcement cameras or other traffic calming measures.

They also show that on motorways, 53% of riders exceeded the 70mph speed limit in 2018, with 19% exceeding it by more than 10mph.

Single carriageway roads where the national speed limit applies (60 mph) had the highest levels of compliance, with 30% of riders exceeding the limit (12% by more than 10mph).

On 20mph roads, 92% of riders exceeded the speed limit – 41% by more than 10mph.

However, the DfT acknowledges that free flowing conditions are not typical of most 20mph roads and as a result, must be ‘interpreted with additional caution’.

It also says the figures from the report are not representative of the level of speeding across the whole road network – which it would ‘expect to be lower’.

28 June 2019