No plans to promote PTWs in fight against congestion

The Government has said it has no plans to promote the use of powered two wheelers as a means of cutting congestion – despite London being one of the world’s most clogged up cities in terms of motor vehicles.

Speaking in Parliament on 5 February, transport minister Baroness Sugg said the Government ‘had not carried out any detailed assessment on the use of motorcycles and other two-wheel motorised vehicles for reducing congestion and pollution’.

Responding to a question from Viscount Simon, she added that there are ‘no plans to promote motorcycles as a means to reduce congestion’.

Statistics published on 6 February revealed that the UK was Europe’s third most traffic-congested country in 2017, with drivers spending an average of 31 hours in traffic during peak hours annually.

London was not only the UK’s busiest city in terms of congestion, with 74 hours spent in traffic – it ranked number two in Europe (behind Moscow) and number seven in the world.

07 February 2018

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