Beyond CBT: Skills for Delivery Riders

Are you a new delivery rider looking to navigate our busy city streets, or an experienced one seeking to improve your skills?

This free, one-day course - funded by TfL - will teach you about the Highway Code, motorcycle maintenance, how to ride with a load and using a satnav on the move.

Then put your new skills into practice as you plan and ride your own delivery route through a busy urban area.

This course is for delivery riders who have completed Compulsory Basic Training.

To attend this course using their own machine, riders must:

  • Wear suitable PPE
  • Have a valid motorcycle licence or a valid CBT completion certificate (if riding a motorcycle up to 125cc in output)
  • Have appropriate insurance for their motorcycle
  • Have a valid MOT certificate (where relevant)
  • Use a roadworthy motorcycle
  • Display ‘L’ plates if riding on a CBT certificate

Or, when using equipment provided by the course supplier, riders will need:

  • To wear mandated and suitable PPE
  • A valid M/C licence or CBT certificate

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